Summer Goto Look

Hi My Lovelies,

I hope you still read my blog, do you?
I haven’t posted in a while cause I was caught up with my new job and making videos for my new youtube channel if you are unaware of it.
I kinda wonder how life changes I mean was a student and now working. Although it is a part time job but it kinda makes me feel so independant about myself and at the same time its hard I mean the struggle is real, however Yes! I am enjoying my life somehow cause I am at least  doing what I love.
Struggling and Learning are my two fav words lately.
Anyway today  I went out with my bestie , taking it as an oppurtunity I managed to click pictures for my blog.
Scroll down to read about the outfit.

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My Body As A Canvas

Hello Love,

My first post of this year and this is something different than what I usually upload.
I just wanna share how I feel about getting tattoo for the first time ever.
The feeling of transforming myself into canvas for an artist is undefinable to some extent.
scroll down to read more about it.

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How to style a Track Suit

Hello My Love!
Its already the last day of 2017 today.
You must be having hundreds of plan? As for me, I would just stay home, watch movie and sleep.
Anyway today’s post is about how to rock your track suit.
Scroll down to read more.

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Street Fashion

Hello My Beautiful Reader

So Christmas it is…
Its kinda strange to tell that I have never celebrated christmas before and honestly, It excites me for no reason, funny ey?
Tell me do you have any plans? Yes! offcourse you do. I hope this Christmas brings you happiness and glory in your life.
Moving on, today’s look is all about street fashion. Scroll down to read about it.

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No Pants Day

Bonjour ma famille!

Have you ever been into situation where you see yourself in the mirror and you see completely stranger watching back at you?
Well, a very good friend of mine shared her emotions on her blog and I could totally relate myself and just can’t help sharing with you.I have not blogged for four months and it killed me from inside. If only I could express how exactly I felt. I was back at my hometown enjoying time with my precious family but my life was incomplete, deep down I felt so empty and depressed thinking I would never get the chance to continue my blog ever again since my DAD he doesn’t support me much on it and I wasn’t allowed to be back in Capital (DELHI). But finally I struggled, took a risk and here I am back on track. I am just soooo ready to risk my life, take a step forward, ready to challenge my life.
I thank LORD for giving me the strength. Let’s see how far could I take my lead.
Dear readers, Are you with me??
Anyway scroll down to read about my today’s outfit.

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How to Style Menswear?

Hello beauties..

Believe it or not!
We’ve all been there.
Spending the night at your boyfriend’s place,waking up really late and then the next thing you realize is you had a plan with your squad the next day and  you aren’t prepared for it yet or for some certain girls, if you are the only girl surrounded by brothers at your home sweet home  however being the only girl gets influence by their style and completely ended up turning yourself into a wanna be “boy” and one day you realize you have to go out with your female friends but you don’t have a dress!!
No! no need to panic!!
Well for these kind of situations I have a solution for y’all.
Scroll down to get few ideas where you can grab any of your boyfriend’s, brother’s or friend’s garments to turn it completely into an outstanding look.

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My Straw Sun Hat

Hello My Beauties..

Long time eh?
Being an Engineer student and running a blog at the same time could be little hectic sometime,you know,
I was just trying to have a short break from writing but I carried on with my Instagram regardless of my busy life schedule. Nevertheless, today’s post is about my recent purchase i.e “Straw Sun Hat”, to tell you how I style my hat.
Scroll down to read about my styling..

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Hello Beautiful People!

I know been so long eh?
Just finished my final exams(last semester) of my degree.
Result hasn’t been out but already feel like I am officially graduated, haha!
I will be spending my summer vacation either in Delhi or Punjab,instead of travelling back to my home cause I still need to clear some of my papers. Anyway coming back to my today’s post?
It is about the white-on-white trend. Scroll down to know about my styling on WHITES.

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Let’s Get Freaky

Hello Beautiful People!

As we all know, 90% of women loves makeup. It is an art not everyone can understand and could be a fun way to display your cocoethes passion. With the evolution of trend in the fashion industry now beauty look has also batten down herself. In the past years tattoos, face charms, and subversive face painting dominated in the makeup department and now trust me! It is highly in demand. Now the reason I m telling you this is cause today I will be displaying you a very interesting and dramatic look based on it.
Indeed! I am not a professional makeup artist but trying out something which will totally smug you on is appreciatable on its own.
Press on the continue reading to know more. .

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