Color Blocking Trend

Hi dear lovelies.
Its been a while that I haven’t been active on my blog and other social media and I think you know why is that so? But if you are a new reader I would like to let you know that I was on holiday for couple of weeks and spent my days in New Delhi.Had really good time doing couple of shoots and meeting friends,also made new friends.My holidays went super well but unfortunately couldn’t click pictures to share with you all.And I hope your days were good too?


What is color Blocking Style? According to the fashion figures, when two or more blocks of color are combined together for an outfit or say look then it is considered to be a Color Blocking Style.In a simple term I would say exploration or playing around with different colors.It was first popularised in 1960’s and until now its in the most happening trend. Through the knowledge of Mr.Google,It is commonly associated in fashion as a trend that originated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian.

Despite the fact that Color Blocking style is a refreshening and playful trend, I would rather like to call it as one of the most challenging and a bold trend.There are very rare case that people could stand out any bright color and trust me! if you do,you are super blessed but for the people whose skin tone can’t get along with bright colors easily which includes me as well,you need to be more concern about it.As for Color Blocking Style,people often prefer bright louder colors so there could be a high possibility of outfit to go wrong but its not necessary that you do the same.Instead you can go with subdued colors which looks simpler and classy. The most tricky way to wear blocks of colors together are to choose among the colors which suits you individually or choose either of dress or accessories as a darker to make something stand out.

The Outfit

For my outfit, I choose a combination of color Maroon,Yellow and Black because these are some of the colors which suits me individually and I know I don’t have to put lot of effort in combining them all together. Besides the fact that I love maroon color as it compliments my skin tone so well but what I love the most here is maroon in Tennis skirt.
Tennis skirt usually comes with a slimmer waist and then scattered down which somehow helps our waist to look slimmer.I consider it to be the most flirtatious outfit which keeps me cheerful all the time whenever I wear one.I paired it up with my casual buttercup tee-top to balance the level of blitheness. You can also pair up a tennis skirt with an off-shoulder top for an another level.


For my accessories, I have decided to go with the color black cause it never fails to get along with any color and I love it.Wearing one of my favorite high lace up heels from an online store. Don’t have the same heel? Its okay to wear it with your casual heels as long as you are wearing a thigh high socks along with it.
A baseball cap from a random outfitter which seem to be perfect idea to wear.It has a Batman logo on it which has a yellow color and it goes really well with all my color concept.
Adding a Black Suspender is my take off. I thought experimenting it with a tennis skirt could be a win and now that I did I realised, its a YAY!

Baseball Cap: Random Outfitter
Choker: DIY
Bracelet: Accessories
Tee-Top: Fig
Suspender: Men’s Random Outfitter
Tennis Skirt: Classy Ragz
Heels: Street Style Store

Photographer: @Uncledele_

Now that I see no chance of not giving it a try. So Will you try the trend? What’s your idea of Color Blocking Trend? Please leave a comment down below, I would love to read.
Well its already time now for saying goodbye.
Stay tuned cause I have lot more things to share with you all.

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