In Collaboration with Summation- A Black Suspender Pant

Hi dear lovelies..
How is it going?
Me? I am doing great with my university curriculum.I was asked the other day to be one of the Judges for Mr. and Miss Magnitude (A Model Hunt) recently, which was a hotshot for me.It was an immense pleasure and a great experience. I am extremely overwhelmed and excited to share this with you all.Besides, today I have a great news for  the ladies who struggle every day thinking where to buy an elegant dresses with the best quality online, Now its time for you to suit yourself and slay like a Queen because  “SUMMATION: A Bit Of Every You” is here.


“A Bit of Every You” is an online womenswear store.
The brand’s image is inspired by a woman’s evolution into a strong, independent, fearless and unpredictable being.They strongly believe in the thought of not limiting a woman’s style in a pre-defined manner, let her decide, let her choose, who she wants to be and slay like a Queen.
Summation is not a fast fashion label, but the fashion destination for those who love and thrive on individualistic, qualitative and passionate clothing pieces.

A Black Suspender Pant

I am totally drooled over the fabric of A Black Suspender Pant that I have received which is outstandingly prominent.To have a close look of the fabric watch the video on my instagram profile.
Black has always been one my favourite and inspiring color as I believe it speaks out loud about the color of boldness,confident and independent at the same time.Suspender pants are generally worn over the years, but modern suspenders were first invented in 1820 by Albert Thurston. These are usually in two different types: ‘X’ and ‘Y’ back shape.

A little secret on styling a suspender pant is never to pair it with a top which is darker in color than your pant or having the geometric print on it.The best way on styling is would be choosing a lighter or less print on top which helps you to enhance the beauty of a suspender.

My Styling

I have paired this amazing Suspender pant with a light colored shirt and added a black colored beads neck piece. You may add darker or bold accessories to the outfit since the shirt I chose is lighter and the dark accessories will definitely be a perfect match.
Coordinated a bracelet with my footwear,a Strappy block heels which I got it from an online store “Street Style Store”.Block heels are always comfortable to me but a pointy pump heel could be a take off if you are looking for an option.
Two pony tail hairstyle  is a perfect idea for this outfit.Speaking of hairstyle,I would appreciate if you could excuse my messy hair! Just can’t help nature’s wrath,it was quite windy.

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