Minimal Chic Outfit

Hello Beautiful People..

What’s new for the month?
For me? My pictures says it all..
Blonde to Ombre Blue Hair colour and I am so much in love with my new hair colour.
Anyway how monotonous does it sound to you when given a body-parallel top to style on it?
And what if I tell you a secret to look absolutely stylish while wearing it?
Yes! Go ahead and scroll down to know.


One of my stupidest memory when I say minimalist,I would like to share with you: During my high school I always thought Minimalist Style is something related to only white color. I never knew what the word actually meant and had my own defination for minimalism. However, with the growing age I got the idea and I tried relating it to the outfit by choosing all the neutral colors.Simplicity is what defines Minimalism.It is not necessary to choose only the neutral colors to style minimal but you can also choose darker colors which are not very vibrant or not very loud.
Here’s how I styled minimalism.


I chose a neutral colored over-sized parallel top for the look,pairing up with a neutral colored pointy pump-heel for an approach to minimalism. Styling an over-sized minimal top or a dress sound monotonous unless if the design is classy,So the secret to make yourself look stylish would be playing around with the accessories sharply.
Nonetheless, I have used a black Adidas head band and a large hand bag as my accessories but I believe it completely certifies the minimalism.In an addition you can use a minimal designed long neck piece to this outfit.

Head Band: Adidas
Tops: Sarojini Market(Delhi)
Bag: Street store
Heels: Street Style Store


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