Winter Vibes

Bonjour Beautiful People!

So Winter has arrived. Oh! look ! so as the New Year began..
Honestly I feel like I am the last person on earth to wish you all a Happy New Year  but they say something is better than nothing right? Well I hope everyone had a blast celebration?? I had too..
Staying away from family I missed them pretty much in this occasion but what filled my emptiness was my two besties. Welcomed 2017 with a priceless trip with my besties to Dehradun,India which was more than I could ever ask for to start a New Year.Also I am so excited to let you all know that I have gifted myself a new guitar for the New Year which means I am gonna learn how to play guitar(YAY!!). I hope I get expertise by the end of this semester which seem impossible to me right now(haha..).
Inspite of everything my sincere wishes that this year brings Joy and Happiness to all the people in and around.
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Statically I just love everything about winters.Some define winters as what’s beneath Death’s robe and some as a season where everything dies a little but according to me it’s a phase of hibernation where I could even sleep all day long under the warm blanket(never get up may be) and I love the feeling when the cool breezes touches my skin, everything seems so reviving during winter (no sweats,no mood swings).Anyway, Today I  am wearing one of my favorite Black Romper and paired it up my very new Strappy heels which you will definitely see me wearing all the time from now on cause I love it so much and it deserve an ‘Award of the Month for the best Heels’.

Thigh-high Socks will always be one of my favorite add-on.I am pairing a Black thigh-high socks with a black heels to give an illusion of Pointy heeled boots which I think is a versatile combination for the complete look and a Hat to enhance the elegancy to the look.Breaking up the code Black with a minimal colored trench coat.
You can pair up this outfit with any brighter coats which will definitely look as good as you imagined or if you are not a fan of brighter colors then you can go complete black as in wearing an ankle length overcoats which will be amazingly hot as well as it will give an illusion of elongated stature.

Photographer :

Details :
Hat : Forever21
Choker : Accessories
Trench coat : Tally Weijl
Romper : Tally Weijl
Tigh-high socks : Forever21
Heels : Nihao Fashion

I will see you all very soon on my next post.Also Feel free to comment down below if you have anything to say I would love to write back and once again Happy New Year to each and everyone.

With Love.

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