Casual Yet Chic

Hello Beautiful People!

You know?
I’ve been a very agnostic person lately. I don’t know is it the sorrow of being apart from my close friends or is it me who’s just not mentally prepared to face the real world yet!
Yes! This is my last semester of my graduation, just waiting for my end terms to get over now and pretty soon I will be no more called a student. Agh! I hate the fact that we can’t freeze the time.
Besides, today I am gonna be displaying a look on glamuppills which is casual yet chic.
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I am wearing a very comfortable cotton white tee-top which I paired with an easy-going casual Khaki pant.
To me V-neckline on a plain white tees are always an appealing entity either choosing for a men or for a women’s look.

I still remember(not long ago), I was in the “Sarojini Nagar” (You must have heard if you are from Delhi,India) browsing around the market and the very moment I saw this Khaki Pant the first word stroke my mind was “comfortable”. God! I couldn’t stop myself from buying it and here I am now, already styling on it.

Hats are one of my fav add-ons. It can never go wrong in transforming a casual look to a new level, not to forget heels as well. A beautiful pair of heels are always a YAY!! Not neccesarily needed to wear heels if you are not comfortable,
a pair of cool converse or a sneaker could definitely be an option.
A loud pink hand bag to my minimal outfit is a perfect combination for a fine summer look.

Hat : Forever 21
Tops : Zara
Khaki Pant : Sarojini Market
Heels : Nihao Fashions
Bag : Neutrilizer (BATA)
Watch : Aldo

I hope you like it?
Leave a comment down below what do you think about the look.
Until next, see you .


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