Let’s Get Freaky

Hello Beautiful People!

As we all know, 90% of women loves makeup. It is an art not everyone can understand and could be a fun way to display your cocoethes passion. With the evolution of trend in the fashion industry now beauty look has also batten down herself. In the past years tattoos, face charms, and subversive face painting dominated in the makeup department and now trust me! It is highly in demand. Now the reason I m telling you this is cause today I will be displaying you a very interesting and dramatic look based on it.
Indeed! I am not a professional makeup artist but trying out something which will totally smug you on is appreciatable on its own.
Press on the continue reading to know more. .


Well we all have seen artist’s create amazing pop culture themes on their eyes, lips, or the whole face and God! who can forget the fashion show when “Chanel sent its models down the runway covered in temporary tattoos at its Spring 2010 show, continued by artist Scott Campbell — Marc Jacobs created similar skin art for the Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 menswear show. While they’ve never entirely disappeared since, makeup artists and designers are taking the trend up a notch for fall 2015 by decorating models’ faces with them.”

Taking an inspiration, I have a created an art efficaciously focused on an eye to define an Eagle’s eye
(which usually means watching someone carefully) and a pale yellow eye lenses to justify it.
Highlighting my nose section dramatically through the vertical dots with the fine-point tip of an eye liner rather than contouring.
Wearing a dark lipstick is so obvious to coordinate with the look and  kept it glossy to enhance.
I know! My hair looks a little messy but again that’s the part which totally defines me(messy hair) so I did not bother to change.


I thought a funky and freaky outfit would totally justify the look so I decided to go with the denims.
To tell you the truth,I always consider Denim’s as the savior garment on the fashion planet.
A ripped loose denim pant with the timberland boots are completely defining the funkiness to the look.
A jeans net jacket showing up my vibrant and loud inner wear seems eccentric to the normal wear and that is what adding up the freakiness to my outlook.

I hope you liked my look?
Let me know in the comment section down below what do you think of today’s look.


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