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Hello Beautiful people!

It feels like I’ve been gone forever yet alive.
Things aren’t working well but hey! that’s life right?
Anyway I hope you guys are doing good?
Today’s post is not about my styling but the fashion garments which is from Lilliebyruthie.
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Bell Sleeve Dress

Totally loving the sizzling maroon colour and putting it together to a bell sleeve dress is just unimaginably awesome.
Lilliebyruthie never fails to impress us with their amazing new collections.All I could say about Lilliebyruthie is that the brand is quite Fashion updated. I really love the combination of the fabric and design and how it blends perfectly together makes me wanna wear it to every party. To an addition I trimmed the lower length of the garment and used the wasted pieces as a choker on my neck since the dress was little longer to me.
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Ruffles in the Gingham Dress

I am totally indulging over how the diametrical zig-zag prevailing the back portion of this ruffled sleeve dress.
I have seen lots of ruffled dresses but this one seem quite appealing to me,WHY?? Is it the geometric pattern on the garment or is it the customized belt which comes within it, confused a little though.
Wearing it for a dreamy day out with your girlfriends would be one of the perfect idea.
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Pinafore Dress set

The moment I saw the buttoned-up color crop shirt I fell in love with it.
The colour and the square pattern on it already killed me. This is funny how clothes can kill somebody haha..(jokes apart).
Well dispatching back on the track,at first I thought of styling it differently as in the shirt and the dress but when I wore it together, there wasn’t a thing I would wanted to change so I changed my mind.
The complete set looks completely amazing to me, I would definitely prefer this dress for the “get together outwear” or as an outwear for a movie.

Outfit Details :
Dresses from :

Photographer :
A very talented and a good friend of mine who never stops working hard although good enough.
He believes in learning through every little things no wonder why we are friends.
Thank you so much for helping me out with this amazing pictures.
Also my sweet readers,don’t forget to check out his work, just amazing!

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