No Pants Day

Bonjour ma famille!

Have you ever been into situation where you see yourself in the mirror and you see completely stranger watching back at you?
Well, a very good friend of mine shared her emotions on her blog and I could totally relate myself and just can’t help sharing with you.I have not blogged for four months and it killed me from inside. If only I could express how exactly I felt. I was back at my hometown enjoying time with my precious family but my life was incomplete, deep down I felt so empty and depressed thinking I would never get the chance to continue my blog ever again since my DAD he doesn’t support me much on it and I wasn’t allowed to be back in Capital (DELHI). But finally I struggled, took a risk and here I am back on track. I am just soooo ready to risk my life, take a step forward, ready to challenge my life.
I thank LORD for giving me the strength. Let’s see how far could I take my lead.
Dear readers, Are you with me??
Anyway scroll down to read about my today’s outfit.


The feeling when you are having a long tiring day in an office or in colleges wearing a skinny tight pants, sweating all over and finally reaches home and just take off you pants. Damn!! what a relief ey? I don’t know about most of the people but I personally, would never wanna wear pants in my whole life especially during summer. Anyway have you realised in foreign countries they celebrate “No Pants Day”?ย  ย  YES! they do..ย  Just picturing it in INDIA and thinking about the reaction of Indians makes me go crazy here Hahaha..


I am wearing a men’s sweatshirt which ofcourse is quite big for me which is what makes it look more comfortable and cozy.
I paired it with a sneaker and grey ankle socks coordinating colour with my sweatshirt.
The very obvious combination would be pairing it up with a thigh high socks and a boots.
Messier the hair sexier it look. To be honest, messy hair wasn’t my intention, it just happened and I like it. It helps me look simply cool.

Camouflage Love

Photographer :ย

I hope you like it?
If so let me know what do you think in the comment section down below.
I will be back with some interesting post more.

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  1. Hey ziean! I am a very big stalker and fan of your blog. your style,your ways,Your moves,everything is above the sky. Recently i was checking out your blog and happen to read your experience and I really want to be a part of who you are and what your doing now and as i personally know you I would love to encourage you to take all the risks in your life. By the way I really like the idea of #No pants Day. And that pair of sneaker with combination of grey ankle socks.Wish to celebrate the day. Goodluck

    1. Aww.. I am overwhelmed to know that, Thank you for your support and you definitely could be part of me by keeping an update with all my blog post.

  2. So, inspiring. Gone through all your post. You don’t masquerade yourself, you are who you are and thats what i love the most in all your post. And the way, how you farrago your dressing into complete different level i must say you are soon going to reach the star. Hope to see more post coming from you.. Good luck

  3. Great ! Words willbe less for your effort and honestly you going to touch the goal may be the road little tough but not far than your reach .keep going your parents would be proud of you may be little later but yay they will be ๐Ÿ‘

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