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Hello My Beautiful Reader

So Christmas it is…
Its kinda strange to tell that I have never celebrated christmas before and honestly, It excites me for no reason, funny ey?
Tell me do you have any plans? Yes! offcourse you do. I hope this Christmas brings you happiness and glory in your life.
Moving on, today’s look is all about street fashion. Scroll down to read about it.


I hope y’all know what street fashion is?
well its a fashion generally inspired with youth culture,their urban style.
When I explore my Instagram feed all I see is street fashion which is what inspired me to go for this look.


Have you read my previous blog post?
If you did, you might remember me telling about thigh high socks and here it is showing you exactly how I mentioned before.
I am wearing a hoodie jacket which I got it from the men section. YES! I did!
I paired it up with the thigh high socks and a white sneaker. Make sure to always give attention on the color coordination when you choose socks for a particular outfit else it looks really bad.I bet, you wouldn’t wanna spoil your whole look just for socks.
For me, I’m all about black and white today. Universal color I suppose?
And for my hairstyle, I’ve decided to go for multiple braids to look cool and I hope it worked.
Dark lips shade and a choker to create a baddie look.

Outfit Details:
Hoodie Jacket : Forever 21
Choker: Club Factory
Thigh High Socks: Shein
Sneaker: Adidas

Thank you for reading.
Let me know what do you think about my look in the comment section down below.
Until next, Merry Christmas and have fun.


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