My Body As A Canvas

Hello Love,

My first post of this year and this is something different than what I usually upload.
I just wanna share how I feel about getting tattoo for the first time ever.
The feeling of transforming myself into canvas for an artist is undefinable to some extent.
scroll down to read more about it.


"  tu potencial es infinito, haz lo que fuiste creado para hacer  "


My first ever tattoo and I wanted it to be something that I can relate myself.
Growing up with a Single parent makes me always wanna do things that bother least to people cause we live in a world where society decide about your life. I have the potential to do so many things in my life but unfortunately didn’t realized at times.And I know You have too!Self motivating is what people lack when it comes to fight for yourself against society and printing the same on my body is what makes me more confident about myself now.
The world is pleasant and cruel on its own way. It depends on how you see and feel. I have always been taught that Tattoos on a body is a shameful act, unacceptable for the society by going against the GOD’s given but trust me! this is just another belief what society made you believe it. Getting a tattoo on my skin helped me realize more about the word “DARE” and ‘STRONG”.

what I feel

Never really had the guts to ink on my body cause I was too scared about the pain. At first,I thought I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain even for a tiny lil word . Imagining how a sharp needle injects on a body for multiple times until it leaves a mark but how funny, this is the only reason that gave me confident to go for it.
I have gone through lot many things in my life since childhood so far, been through the worst days of my life makes me think the pain of a needle is nothing comparingΒ  all of the shits happened in my life and standing still strong. Like how needle inject you multiple times on the same body gives you pain,leaves a mark and at the end turns out to a beautiful art that last forever with you exactly the same way hard times of your life gives you pain,anxiety,and may be depression ,either way at the end you learn and continue to live your life with those painful memories that turns out to be a very good memories,lesson and experience.

Tattoo Artist:

My amazing friend! Check out her work .

Could you relate yourself with how I feel?
Do write me back on the comment section what to do you think about my post.
Until my next


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  1. I feel the same,Sometimes pain is pleasure,I got 3 tattoos on my hand and still planning to get more,Kinda scare of what people or society will says but I guess doing what make us happy is more worth than worrying what people saysπŸ’‹ And I seriously love how bold you are and strong cos I know the pain of needles and pleasure at the same time,Being yourself is the most beautiful thing in this world instead of worrying about the society ,Do what make you happy and you rock girlπŸ–€πŸ’‹#lovelovelove

  2. Babe ya looking awesome…😘😘😘
    N yeah about ya tattoo it’s so damnnnn n ya looking supap wit it…..

  3. A beautiful girl with beautiful tattoos
    Idk what to say about you or your tattoos
    But they’re not beautiful more ‘en you
    Idk I’m lying or its a truth
    But the way I wanna describe you the word beautiful is not good enough for you

  4. Beauty lies in d eyes of beholder but this time its an exception… As beauty totally lies in u…sophisticated n elegant beauty….. N get inked to d death… Tat shud b d motto😎😘

  5. The photography is beyond amazing ❀️❀️ Keep inspiring us and motivate us in a good way🌷🌷 ily😍😍😍😍

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