Kimono Cardigan

Hi beautiful people!

It’s been long. How are you?Β  Did you have a good time?

Well, for me, it’s been super hectic asΒ I just finished my first exam today and thankfully it went well.

The Outfit

Today I am displaying one of my favorite, ‘Kimono-style Cardigan’, which I bought from a random store in South Delhi. I was mesmerized by the embroidery and the fringes at the end of the robe when I saw this kimono at the store.

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A Snake Charmer

Hi dear lovelies..

Today is Monday and I’m here with my 3rd post.Β I hope you guys had a good time? Well..


My today’s outfit has been inspired by Indian Snake Charmers.

If you are an Indian, you would probably know about “Snake Charmers” which are immensely popular in India, especially during summer. Though other Asian nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Pakistan are also familiar with these practices. But incase you don’t know yet, snake charming is the practice of pretending to hypnotize a snake by playing an instrument Β called “pungi”. It’s a traditional belief that the sound of “pungi” makes the snake sluggish and reluctant to attack people.

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