Minimal Chic Outfit

Hello Beautiful People..

What’s new for the month?
For me? My pictures says it all..
Blonde to Ombre Blue Hair colour and I am so much in love with my new hair colour.
Anyway how monotonous does it sound to you when given a body-parallel top to style on it?
And what if I tell you a secret to look absolutely stylish while wearing it?
Yes! Go ahead and scroll down to know.

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India Runaway Week by Rohini Gugnani.

Hi lovelies..
You know this was coming right? since I have mentioned already in my previous post.
Attending a Runaway Show was something that I always placed it on the very top of my wishlist.
I have met many bloggers throughout the event,some of them were my known lovelies and then the evening boosted up to another level since we had lot to talk about.

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High Street Chic

 Hello lovelies!

What’s new?
For me everything is going smooth like a peanut butter,just trying hard to be a real fanatic with studies and ofcourse my work as well.
So last week I have visited Delhi for an Indian Runaway Week by a very talented and gorgeous Fashion Designer ‘Rohini Gugnani’ and Gosh! It was an amazing experience.Most probably my next blog post would be about India Runaway Week. Meanwhile you can see some of the pictures of the event on my Instagram profile.
However! Before I mislead you all,let me tell you that I had a little run to the clothing stores of Tibetian Colony in New Delhi. They have really very good collections of Street fashion which could not stop my desire to have it all.
This amazing stripe pant is one of the bottom wear of their collection which is totally comfortable and complete beauty. Styling this pant as for High Street Chic is what I thought would be great idea for my blog.

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In Collaboration with Spike Me – A Trucker Cap

Hi dear lovelies..
Trucker caps are one of the dopest addition to all kind of outfit. If I were to rate on the scale of 10 its definitely a 10 out of 10,there is no way that I could lessen the numbers.
Do you think you have the same craziness?
A modern brand called “Spike Me” ,an online store which is known for their dopest caps collection and more.
Get spiked by spike me!

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In Collaboration with Summation- A Black Suspender Pant

Hi dear lovelies..
How is it going?
Me? I am doing great with my university curriculum.I was asked the other day to be one of the Judges for Mr. and Miss Magnitude (A Model Hunt) recently, which was a hotshot for me.It was an immense pleasure and a great experience. I am extremely overwhelmed and excited to share this with you all.Besides, today I have a great news for  the ladies who struggle every day thinking where to buy an elegant dresses with the best quality online, Now its time for you to suit yourself and slay like a Queen because  “SUMMATION: A Bit Of Every You” is here.

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Ekatrit- The Styling Cafe

Hi dear lovelies..
What i really don’t want has begun..
Yes!my classes has started already and I am so much in pain because I hate attending lectures.
But I hope you are having a good time of your life?
Well,Today I’m gonna be sharing my experience of “Ekatrit- The styling cafe” which has been launched recently and I was thrilled to attend the event.

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Color Blocking Trend

Hi dear lovelies.
Its been a while that I haven’t been active on my blog and other social media and I think you know why is that so? But if you are a new reader I would like to let you know that I was on holiday for couple of weeks and spent my days in New Delhi.Had really good time doing couple of shoots and meeting friends,also made new friends.My holidays went super well but unfortunately couldn’t click pictures to share with you all.And I hope your days were good too?

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Hello Beautiful People!

Finally my life is in peace now as I just hard a short vacation for a while after appearing for tons of exams. Hopefully it went well, and I’m planning to spend my holidays in New Delhi with my friends (just chilling around) or probably doing some collaboration.

Trust me, I’m tired of books. I gotta do something refreshing. Well, How about you? I hope you are having a good time with your life?

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Indo Western

“Indian Fashion has to buck up.We cannot compete with a Chanel or an Armani.The only way we can survive is by offering something from our rich crafts and doing global designs with an Indian twist”
-Anamika Khanna

Hello Beautiful People.
I hope you all are doing good.

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Kimono Cardigan

Hi beautiful people!

It’s been long. How are you?  Did you have a good time?

Well, for me, it’s been super hectic as I just finished my first exam today and thankfully it went well.

The Outfit

Today I am displaying one of my favorite, ‘Kimono-style Cardigan’, which I bought from a random store in South Delhi. I was mesmerized by the embroidery and the fringes at the end of the robe when I saw this kimono at the store.

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