No Pants Day

Bonjour ma famille!

Have you ever been into situation where you see yourself in the mirror and you see completely stranger watching back at you?
Well, a very good friend of mine shared her emotions on her blog and I could totally relate myself and just can’t help sharing with you.I have not blogged for four months and it killed me from inside. If only I could express how exactly I felt. I was back at my hometown enjoying time with my precious family but my life was incomplete, deep down I felt so empty and depressed thinking I would never get the chance to continue my blog ever again since my DAD he doesn’t support me much on it and I wasn’t allowed to be back in Capital (DELHI). But finally I struggled, took a risk and here I am back on track. I am just soooo ready to risk my life, take a step forward, ready to challenge my life.
I thank LORD for giving me the strength. Let’s see how far could I take my lead.
Dear readers, Are you with me??
Anyway scroll down to read about my today’s outfit.

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