High Street Chic

 Hello lovelies!

What’s new?
For me everything is going smooth like a peanut butter,just trying hard to be a real fanatic with studies and ofcourse my work as well.
So last week I have visited Delhi for an Indian Runaway Week by a very talented and gorgeous Fashion Designer ‘Rohini Gugnani’ and Gosh! It was an amazing experience.Most probably my next blog post would be about India Runaway Week. Meanwhile you can see some of the pictures of the event on my Instagram profile.
However! Before I mislead you all,let me tell you that I had a little run to the clothing stores of Tibetian Colony in New Delhi. They have really very good collections of Street fashion which could not stop my desire to have it all.
This amazing stripe pant is one of the bottom wear of their collection which is totally comfortable and complete beauty. Styling this pant as for High Street Chic is what I thought would be great idea for my blog.

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